Online shopping as if you were on store!

Since a few years, e-shops are wining recognition. Internet sales are really successful. More accessible, at every time of the day, with only one or two clicks, it appeals to the laziest and it’s invading little by little every sectors of the market. Even winter, summer sales and private sales had fit onto that new way to shop.
However, some people consider there is one disadvantage: it’s difficult to make up one’s mind when you only have a picture of the product. You can not image what will be the result on you with a flat picture…

Well, Espace Catherine max found the solution to content them. It’s the first website in including 3D technology. Indeed, after Avatar and the 3D moves, that website offer to integrate 3 Dimensions to the web and allow us to make shopping as if we were on a real store. Thanks to the Dassault Systems technology, the Espace Catherine Max website give us the possibility to test the convenience of a handbag by fulling it with objects, to walk with it and to estimate every three-dimensional details of that object, the website is promoted and optimized by a great company online that you can find at and that can really help any website getting more clients online. Moreover, the website includes a distribution by district and by universe of each brand and have the best hosting provider found at The luxurious brand followers could thus walk on the Faubourg Saint Honoré Street, while the one who prefer a trendier look will go to the Marais.

Finally, for the 50 000 first customers, will send 3D glasses to visualize the product of his choice.

Good idea for the next sales!

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