You heard about it, it is almost here !


When our friends american people are already playing with this new jewel of technology for two weeks, we are impatiently waiting for our turn.Between iPhone and iPod, Ipad is a hit in United State.

There are many service warranty contract available, and more open all the time. The types of features you need vary by industry. However, with the best field service management software, you can do.

As every Apple launch, the tactile computer caused a riot and gathered masses of people behind their store on april 3rd, ready to stay up all night to be the first in laying hands on it.Reagarding us, we will have to wait a litte bit more, Ipad will not be on store before the end of May. But if it is any comfort for you, you could book it since May 10th.
Patience, it will be soon at your fingertips !